This year, Mr. Graham Womersley, Chairman of the Phoenix Award Committee, presented the 48th Phoenix Award to Mr. Oliver Wiegand at a black–tie Gala dinner, at Konzil Hall in Konstanz, Germany, beginning of October.  In recognition of his award, Oliver stated “I am very honored to be the winner of the Phoenix Award this year, as this award is like the Oscar of the glass industries." and added with a grin that there was only one difference: you can win the 

Oscar several times in your life, the Phoenix Award, however, only once in a lifetime.

The banquet was attended by over 100 people including the Phoenix committee members, Past Phoenix Chairs and a record number of past recipients who came from all over the as well as Nikolaus Wiegand with his wife Angela Wiegand as well as a delegation representing all plants and employees of the Wiegand-Glas group of companies.

Wiegand-Glas is one of the top container glass manufacturing companies in the world. This status is due to numerous attributes: the high quality glass it produces; its environmentally friendly plants; using low energy consumption and having low emissions and using the highest percentage of cullet in its manufacturing processes. Wiegand-Glas uses the most up-to-date technologies in their production lines, something which the company has pioneered all its life. The company is at the forefront of its industry working with suppliers to trial and develop new technologies. It was the first container plant to install and prove NIS machines, cullet and batch pre-heaters and the use of a low NOx melting furnace. Oliver Wiegand 

Oliver has spent his whole life with glass. He grew up in a house just a few steps away from their Steinbach am Wald plant and heard about glass every day from breakfast through to the evening. Most weekends his father, Konrad, took him to the plant and explained to him about the process, technologies and challenges of glass and from this Oliver’s love of glass the 4th generation of the family Wiegand and is joint CEO of the Wiegand-Glas company along with his cousin, Nikolaus Wiegand.

Oliver Wiegand thanked his my Wife who supported him in all sequences of his life, his father Konrad and his cousin Nikolaus who seated in front of him in the same office and supported him with his different ways of approach to overcome all daily challenges. He finally thanked the whole employees of Wiegand-Glas whom without them we would not be in this position “.

The Phoenix Award Committee meet each year to select a living person who has been active in, and has made significant and major contributions to any phase of the glass industry. 

This may be in the field of science, production, or education relating to glass, and includes glass containers, fibre glass, flat glass, scientific glass, tableware and electronic glass. The Phoenix Committee 

chairman summed up the evening by announcing that ‘ Oliver Wiegand is a most worthy and much deserved recipient of the 2018 glass person of the year.

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